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HFA Advancing BFM Digital’s Distribution Model With Comprehensive Rights Management Solutions

 width=HFA Advancing BFM Digital’s Distribution Model With Comprehensive Rights Management Solutions

Oct 19, 2011  (New York) –  The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), the nation’s leading provider of rights management, licensing and royalty services for the music industry,  announced today an agreement to provide BFM Digital, a leading independent music distributor specializing in customized strategic marketing, promotions and support solutions, with technology-driven  rights management solutions supporting growth and profitability.Under HFA’s licensing agreement with BFM Digital, which commenced in 2006, HFA will continue to clear the rights for songs distributed by BFM Digital to key digital stores in the US.    The new expansive agreement will provide BFM Digital with a seamless and fully transparent back-office solution for broader rights administration and management, ensuring optimal operations for their business.With over 85 years of rights management expertise and the industry’s largest database of songs, HFA is the go-to source for music licensing in today’s shifting digital landscape.    HFA’s suite of customized solutions allow music services, digital music distributors, labels and other sectors of the industry to focus on their strategic imperatives, while HFA efficiently and effectively handles the complexities of copyright management in the digital age.”HFA is pleased to be the licensing authority for so many different segments of the music industry.    Our unmatched expertise in this area allows BFM Digital to concentrate on delivering top-notch strategies supporting the indie artist and label community,” said Michael Simon, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs, General Counsel and Chief Strategic Officer for HFA.”At BFM, we are always trying to create added value to our label clients. DPD clearances is a key benefit to them and Harry Fox allows us to provide this service in a effecient manner,” says Steven Corn, CEO, BFM Digital. He continues, “With their combination of technology and personal service, it’s a perfect solution for us.”



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