Gracenote to Beta Test Web-Based App Geared Toward Music Editors and DJ's


Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Rhythm-Music-Player-MacBook-AirGracenote announced the beta launch of Gracenote Rhythm Curation™, a Web-based application developed for professional music editors and DJs around the world. Rhythm Curation will help human curators working for popular streaming music services, labels and radio Radio Station s build killer playlists for fans to enjoy.
Music curation is a top priority for many of the world’s leading streaming music services today. As more services hire well-known DJs and artists to build out their radio and discovery products, the challenge has become navigating the overabundance of music available at their fingertips. Tools like Rhythm Curation will add a flexible and intuitive user interface to large music catalogs to help curators, regardless of technical chops, create, edit and publish music Radio Station s and playlists.
Rhythm Curation brings together the best of data and technology with the passion and creativity of music industry professionals,” said Ty Roberts, chief strategy officer and interim general manager of Music for Gracenote. “Today, music editors don’t have tools to help them build eclectic playlists – many simply rely on the search bar. We’ve changed that with Rhythm Curation which essentially adds a user interface that gives non-technical musicologists the unprecedented ability to filter the world’s music catalog.”
Gracenote music data has been powering intelligent discovery and recommendations for the world’s top music brands for years. With the Rhythm Curation tool, music editors can now easily filter vast song catalogs using deep descriptive metadata (such as Artist type, Genre of the song, Origin or region most associated with the artist and Era the song was recorded) and insights gleaned from machine-learning technology (such as Mood and Tempo) for millions of tracks.
By adding a user-friendly interface, Rhythm Curation will broaden the use of Gracenote music data beyond technologists. In addition to DJs and music editors at streaming services, music directors for feature films and TV shows, radio Radio Station s and record labels can now use Rhythm Curation to build upon their favorite songs as well as uncover new and emerging artists based on editorial intelligence aided by machine learning insights.
The full launch of Rhythm Curation is slated for December 2015.

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