Funeral Home Sued, Wrong Body in Casket


The body of Kyung Ja Kim, 93, was being lowered into the ground after her services when the funeral director asked the team to reverse the process and lift the body out of the ground and take it back to the hearse.

When the body was taken back to the hearse it was opened and it was revealed that the woman in the casket was not Kyung Ja Kim, the mother of the three main attendees. But it was another deceased woman who had on their mother’s clothes.

One of the daughters fainted when the casket was taken to the hearse.

At the services, there was an open casket so the correct body was at the funeral but the wrong body was somehow placed in the casket at the burial. As a result, the children sued the funeral home for additional emotional distress for 50 Million dollars against Central Funeral Home of New Jersey, which operates the Blackley Funeral Home in Ridgefield, N.J.

The funeral home stated that it was simply a mix-up.

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