Former Obama Caign Analytics Chief to Guide CBS RADIO

michael simon

CBS RADIO announced that Michael Simon, who led the Obama presidential caign’s analytics team, has been named a senior advisor to the division. Simon, who will report to Andre Fernandez, President, CBS RADIO, will work closely with senior management to enhance CBS RADIO’s overall data analytics capabilities, as well as create new data-driven ad products and strategies for political caigns, candidates, and related committees and organizations.

“Michael is one of the foremost experts in data analytics whose expertise will quickly elevate our efforts in transforming our vast collection of user information into more meaningful business applications,” said Fernandez.

“The ongoing assessment and development of cutting-edge data collection systems will lead to smarter programming and marketing decisions, and optimized advertising purchases in the future. With the 2016 election race underway, now is the ideal time to develop new efficiencies across our data management platforms and business-to-business application tools. ”“CBS RADIO stations touch many millions of Americans every single day with immersive content over the air, online, and on mobile devices,” said Simon.

“For many people, a CBS RADIO program is the first thing they hear in the morning, what they listen to while they are at work, and the last thing they hear before they go to sleep. I look forward to helping the division build a sophisticated data platform by which they can help advertisers of all kinds better understand, reach, and connect with this audience. ”Simon is a data analytics entrepreneur based in New York City.

Previously, he established and managed the first-of-its-kind in-house analytics department for Barack Obama’s groundbreaking presidential caign, served in the Obama Administration, and founded HaystaqDNA, a data science consultancy.

He is a regular commentator on big data, politics and business intelligence, and has been featured in media including the New York Times, “PBS NewsHour,” USA Today, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Slate and the Cook Political Report, and has been an invited guest speaker at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and the World Economic Forum of Young Global Leaders. Simon received his J.D. and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Michigan.


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