Radio Facts: FATHER AND DAUGHTER RADIO VETS COMBINE 65 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TO PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY BROADCAST AND PRODUCTION SERVICES Radio veterans Johnny Morris and his daughter Felicia “The Poetess” Morris have launched AM/FM Multi-Media Services. Johnny Morris, who recently celebrated 45 years in radio, has teamed with his daughter, 20-year radio vet, The Poetess, to provide a multitude of quality broadcast services that include: Consultation in broadcast engineering and studio design; scripting and production of commercials; station imaging and voice-over and on air producer services.”I'm proud to be working with my daughter and building the Morris family legacy.” Says Mr. Morris, who began his professional radio career at the age of 16 years old. Ms. Morris, who first opened the mic at the age of 5, became deeply inspired by watching her father on air and she later got her break in radio on Lee Bailey's Hip Hop Countdown & Report. “My dad has been such an inspiration in my life” says The Poetess “I'm so happy to be following in his footsteps and having the opportunity to work closely with him.” The Morris' once shared the same time slot on competing radio stations in Los Angeles. “Do your best” Johnny would say teasingly to Felicia, “˜cause your up against the best.”ABOUTJohnny Morris built his first radio station inside his grandmother's home at the age of 12, obtained his FCC broadcasting and engineering licenses in the late 60's. In the 60's and 70's, Morris became a popular disc Radio DJey on KSOL and KDIA in the San Francisco Bay Area and later joined the staff of KGFJ / KUTE-FM in Los Angeles in the 80's. Mr. Morris has over 40 years of experience on air and as an engineer and consultant. His past and present clients include: Soul Beat Television, Innercity Broadcasting, Bailey Broadcasting, Personal Achievement Radio, KJLH-FM, KTYM-AM and The Tavis Smiley Group.Felicia “The Poetess” Morris began her radio career in 1989 on Lee Bailey's Hip Hop Countdown and Report while pursuing her rap career. She was hired at 92.3 The Beat (later 100.3 The Beat) in 1994 and resigned after 13 years to start her own company, Poetess Media where her past and present clients include: The Foxxhole-Sirus/XM, Nickelodeon, Sprint Mobile and The Grammy Museum.For more information and service inquiries contact: Felicia “The Poetess” Morris at [email protected]

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