FAMU Unveils Detailed Return-To-Campus Schedule For Administrators, Staff


Monday, June 15 marked the first day of returning to campus for the Florida A&M University (FAMU) Senior Leadership Team.

Among those who resumed work on campus in Phase 1 were President Larry Robinson, Ph.D., and his Senior Leadership Team, the Office of Controller, Office of University Budget and Office of Procurement Services.

“This is the beginning of a crucial transition period for the University,” said Robinson. “With broad input from the University community, we have developed a multifaceted plan that will need the full commitment of all of us in order to maintain an environment conducive to the well-being of students, faculty, staff and those we serve in communities around the state of Florida.” 

The return to campus schedule kicks in as the University prepares to present its reopening plan for the fall semester to the Board of Governors in Orlando on June 23. That plan includes a range of monitoring, testing and social distancing measures for the campus. Courses will be offered remotely and in person.

All supervisors were required to complete risk assessments of their direct reports. Those assessments rated each employee as low or high risk based on the nature of their responsibilities and the ability of the unit to mitigate risk. 

During Phase 1, most employees will continue to work remotely. On July 1, Phase 2 begins. Phase 2 includes approved faculty and staff conducting or supporting hands-on research in the field or laboratory. Student researchers are not included in Phase 2. 

“We are pursuing a phased return for our faculty, staff, and students with their well-being in mind,” said Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer Rica Calhoun, chair of the Continuity of Operations Committee. “The priority of return of these constituencies is based on the ability of each office to function efficiently at a high level to achieve unit goals for Fall 2020. There are several tools that managers can use ranging from alternating work schedules to telecommuting throughout the fall semester.”

Phase 3 returnees report to campus on July 15. These include employees identified based on their risk assessment and capacity. Affected employees will be notified by June 22. Phase 3 employees must complete training at least by July 13, two business days prior to their return. Up to 30 percent of each unit may return to campus in Phase 3 on July 15.

Phase 4 employees return on Aug. 3. Those employees will be notified by July 8. They should also complete training by July 30. The number of employees returning for phase 4 may be up to 60 percent of each unit.

Phase 5 begins on August 17. Those employees will be notified of their return by July 22. Their training should be completed by August 13. This is the last phase leading up to the University’s reopening, scheduled for August 24.

Employees are urged to contact Joyce Ingram in the Office of Human Resources if they have additional questions.

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