EnVogue’s Dawn BROKE (see video)


I have to give her and her husband a LOT of credit. This is the state of MANY industry people after the flip flop of the industry and something that we don’t want to talk about…. I hear they live in Atlanta. A place where many industry people relocate to thinking that the “new” industry is here… WRONG! It’s not. While the industry is tight right now, it’s not just the job that makes it the industry, the industry is a culture. That culture is only in New York (mostly) and LA.
Have a great weekend.. Kev


  1. Wow!! Knowing that this happens all the time, I shouldn’t be surprised, but yet I am! Is this a tv show series or is this just a post that they chose to show?

  2. OMG! the crazy thing about it is this is everyday life for a lot of “regular people”. The part that gets me is when Dre started naming all of the awards that Dawn received while with EnVogue. It makes you say what really went wrong….


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