Donna Brazile in Tears Defending Obama's Use of the "N" Word


Radio Facts: Radio Facts: America has so much to learn and Donna Brazile had a teaching moment live on the air with cnn host Wolf Blizter. After Don Lemon went on and on and on and on they day prior about the President’s use of the “N” word and completely missing the context of his true point, Donna Brazile stepped in with a refreshing take on the ordeal.
“I’m glad [Obama] tried to make a point. Many people – it went past them. They didn’t understand; they focused on the word and not the meaning and that’s part of the problem,” said Brazile.
The cnn contributor went out of her way to say she has President Barack Obama’s back but what she had to say was so real that it brought her to the point of tears. President Barack Obama used the word in context to make a huge point that obviously blew over the heads of many but Brazile, who actually grew up hating the word, understood. Watch the video to see what Donna Brazile had to say.

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