dj fresh7(1)Mixer, On Air Personality, Production Director, Program Director, you name it Fresh has done it. However, in the early 80’s all Fresh wanted to be was a DJ. Growing up in Saginaw, Michigan there were a few local DJ’s he looked up to, like Electrify Mojo and Dr Boogie. However, no influence was greater then that of  Grand Master Flash. Fresh was only 13 when he got his first DJ set. Two turntables, one with pitch control one without and a Realistic mixer from Radio Shack. Fresh practiced and practiced and eventually got a name by DJing all the high school parties and events in Saginaw. After high school he decided to enlist in the Army, go to college and get a degree. He was Radio Station ed in Germany and even though he was under age by US standards, Fresh was in the clubs DJing. This enabled him to learn about music we didn’t have in the states, especially certain types of Dance Music. In 1990 “Operation Desert Storm” began and Fresh saw combat as an Infantry Officer for two years.After the war, Fresh came back home and got his first break at WTLZ in Saginaw as an intern and soon after got hired on as a full time Mixer. A few years later Fresh went off to college at Eastern Michigan University where he earned his degree in communications and film. However, the whole time he was in school he still was on air at WTLZ by sending his mixes through the mail. When college was over Fresh went back to active duty  in FT. Benning, Georgia as a Lieutenant. It was not long until Fresh was at it again, landing a job at WKZJ Columbus, Ga. This Radio Station opened him up to a whole new world, by becoming the producer of the “Tom Joiner Show” he learned how to do production and become an on air talent. Approximately a year later Fresh met radio guru Steve Smith and was hired to do nights and be the Mix Show Director. Now armed with an arsenal of skills, Fresh eventually decided to go back home to WTLZ this time as Production Director, Night Radio DJ and Mix Show Director. In 2004 Fresh added another title to his resume, APD at WQSL in Jacksonville, North Carolina. After three years of commanding his market it was time to move on to bigger things!A position for program director opened up at WRSV in Elm City, North Carolina and Fresh was ready! But, soon after taking the position at WRSV another door opened. A brand new CHR Radio Station opens up in Huntsville, Alabama called Hot 103.5 FM WHWT. Today, Fresh is still the PD and Drive Time Radio DJ at WHWT. He has helped build a Radio Station that competes with the heritage Radio Station in a market that did not have much competition before. He is a PD that still has an old school mentality. He beleives that the secret to success his by supporting his team. He breaks records and supports mix show just as strong as he always as. Maybe its his millitary background or the fact that he has been paying dues since the 80’s that makes him such a hard worker. One thing is for sure, he is still just as passionate about what he does now as he was when he first got those set of turntables on his 13th birthday.

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