P Diddy Has Been Swatted?


P DiddyIf you haven’ heard of the celebrity swatting prank, add this to your list of ridiculous things people do when they are obsessed and bored. P Diddy can add him to the list of celebrities that have been swatted.  So here is how it works; people get the address to some celebrity’s house and then call in to the police to report some fake incident that requires several police to be dispatched.TMZ reports over a dozen police vehicles and two helicopters rushed to the hip-hop music mogul’s Los Angeles home Wednesday morning after  a prank call was made to the LAPD.  Law enforcement insider informed the website authorities were told over the phone that someone had been shot inside of Diddy’s residence. When they arrived on the scene police quickly learned the call was fake. Other celebrities that have been swatted in the past were Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus.

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