Charlamagne Fired from Radio One’s WRNB in Philly: Beanie Sigel Interview and Jay Z Controversy


Radio Facts: This is damn near a year to the date that he was fired from WBLS.Charlamagne is so damn funny. He is requesting sympathy pu..y for retribution of his firing this morning (laugh). Cathy Hughes complained about not being able to reach John Conyers Jr. about H.R. 848 and you can’t even get through to one of her stations to get news (laugh). No wonder listeners can’t relate to her… As part of the punishment to staff at WRNB for not answering my calls, you are each sentenced to read an issue of The Frequency. I know the sentence is VERY harsh but next time you will answer my damn calls….I hear this rumor is true and Boogie D is going to replace him. Sources say Jay Z was not happy about a recent impromptu interview Beanie Sigel did when he called into The Beat in Philly to talk to Charlamagne. Jay Z responded to the call later and we hear today Charlamagne was terminated….First the news about Matthew and LeToya, now Jay Z and Charlamagne, who is Beyonce going to have fired… are they becoming the most dangerous family in the music industry? (laugh).


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