Bobby Brown Talks to Trevor Noah About Family, Prayer, and Next Chapter in Life (VIDEO)


    Bobby Brown talked with Trevor Noah about his life and music. Noah said little was known about Bobby Brown and his personal life until now.

    Brown said his recent documentary was a chance to talk about his life and speak about himself. In his documentary, he was able to be transparent and honest about his journey.

    “It was about me getting the chance to, you know, to speak clearly and truthfully about everything in my life, and I’m glad I did it,” said Brown.

    Brown said he wanted people to know that he is a “softie” and not a bad boy. On stage he is a bad boy, but off stage, he is quiet, he added.

    Brown started performing when he was 14 years old and said there is a change in him from when his career began. The most significant part is now performing feels like work.

    “Now it’s a job. It’s a job now. Before, it was fun; we just, you know, we just loved being on stage. But now, it’s work. You got to have a lot of BenGay after the show. A lot of IcyHot,” the singer joked.

    Brown opened up about his struggle with addiction and said that staying sober is an everyday job. He also talked about getting married recently, finding the love of his life, his wife, and having more children.

    “It’s something that I have to do… It’s something that I have to do, you know, for myself and for my family, you know, and it makes me feel good,” said Brown.

    Brown said he deals with his grief of losing his ex-wife and two children through prayer, family, and therapy.

    “I’m in therapy, you know, at least twice a week and praying and the love of my family. The love of my wife and my kids,” said Brown.

    Brown said he hopes the next chapter of his life is about positivity. “As long as I keep myself surrounded by positive people, I’ll be positive. So, I just want the positivity in my life,” Brown said.


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