BMI and California Restaurant Association Team Up To Present Music Licensing Seminar


BMIbmi partnered with the California Restaurant Association (CRA) on May 18, to present a music licensing seminar aimed at educating restaurant executives on copyright law and the importance of licensing the music being publicly performed in their establishments. The audience was comprised of CRA Sacramento Board members and staff, as well as prospective association members. Held at Milagro Centre in Carmichael, California, the event featured a performance by GRAMMY-nominated bmi singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, who performed several songs from her rich catalog, including the mega hit “Stay (I Missed You).” Loeb also relayed to the crowd how songwriters depend on the licensing fees bmi collects to earn a living.The seminar is part of a series of workshops that bmi is sponsoring across the country, and are intended to help educate restaurant operators on the value music brings to their businesses and how easy it is to secure a bmi license.