Beatport Expands Genre Categories with The Launch Of Dance / Electro Pop

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With strong growth and cultural vibrancy, the new genre is deserving of its own categorization in the Beatport Store.

Beatport, the world’s number one destination for electronic music and DJ culture, has announced that it has expanded its genre categories to include Dance / Electro Pop. The genre represents the evolution of commercial dance music, which now reaches beyond radio-friendly music and includes electronic music artists who excel in blending their sound with pop elements. As electronic sounds and instrumentation have moved to the foreground of popular music, elements of more traditional pop music have infiltrated electronic music. Beatport recognizes that these massive, global hitmakers move seamlessly from the club, to the radio, to the festival stage, and back again with their fusion of organic instruments, pop-vocal sensibilities, and pounding bass lines, capturing fans across the spectrum. 

The genre will include releases from renowned labels such as Astralwerks, FFRR, Ministry of SoundMom+Pop, and Ultra, who have been instrumental in giving the sounds of Dance/Electro Pop a home to thrive over the years.

Key proliferators and tastemakers of the Dance / Electro Pop Genre, like Alison Wonderland, Bob Moses, Channel Tres, Disclosure, Elderbrook, Gorgon City, Lastlings, RÜFÜS DU SOL, TOKiMONSTA, and ZHU, have shattered all notion of any perceived difference between the electronic music found in nightclubs and the music heard headlining major live music festivals. In developing the new genre, Beatport recognizes that this diverse group of artists and many others are the genre-benders leading the charge into this new era of dance music, combining classic songwriting techniques with modern electronic flourishes. 

When asked about the launch, the live electronic duo, Bob Moses said, “We enjoy the challenge of integrating structured songwriting into electronic production, and we’re pleased that Beatport is creating a new home to highlight tracks like this.”

TOKiMONSTA, a long-standing member of the Dance / Electro Pop community, added, “I’m happy to see Beatport expand their categories to be more inclusive of styles of music that can’t easily be searched.”

Australian brother and sister duo Lastlings also said,“Beatport has always been our go-to source to find new music. We’re so happy our music can now feature & chart with the introduction of the Dance / Electro Pop genre. Ultimately we want people discovering all types of music, including ours.”

Head of Curation, Raphael Pujol added, “It’s always a great feeling when the community embraces the changes and improvements we want to make on our store. Much of the modern Electro Pop has been archived into Electronica over the years. Now, we’re expanding the scope of Dance to give this sound a proper home. We are very happy to bring Electro Pop on board as the amalgamation of electronic dance music and Pop has become increasingly evident over the years, with dance-oriented music entering the mainstream. This extra exposure for Electro Pop will benefit new Beatport DJs who are not yet familiar with our other genres and be a great entry point to start DJing using LINK.”

Along with new Beatport Top Charts for Dance / Electro Pop, integrated Beatport LINK Playlists will be available for DJs to instantly stream and mix the new genre’s best tracks within their preferred performance software like Pioneer, rekordbox, Denon DJ Engine OS, Serato, Hercules DJUCED, Virtual DJ, and Algoriddim Djay. In addition, Dance / Electro Pop will be included in Beatport HYPE, bringing visibility to up and coming labels within the genre.

Beatport also plans to host one of its famed genre marathon global livestream events on Twitch in the coming weeks with a diverse lineup of the stars and up-and-comers of Dance / Electro Pop. 


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