Auntie Maxine Waters Channels Luke Cage in Latest Speech


Radio Facts: Auntie Max don’t play. In a recent speech responding to Trump’s tweets and death threats that followed, Maxine Waters channeled her Luke Cage. She stated, “As an African American woman, I have respect for the Constitution because we fought for it and we understand it and we’re going to teach you a lesson….” eluding to Trump’s lack of understanding of the constitution, Waters is referring to the children being taken away from their parents recently when their parents illegally entered the country.

This has really pissed a lot of black people off because slavery aka “the criminal justice system today” is ingrained in our DNA when WE were the first to be separated from our own families to be used as everything from field hands to sex toys. Waters states in the video below at the 3:45 mark “I know that there are those who are censoring me and talking about kicking me out of Congress. Talking about shooting me and talking about hanging me … all I have to say is this … if you shoot me you better shoot straight, there is nothing like a wounded animal.”


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