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13 Things People Over 40 are MOST Concerned About

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Radio Facts recently did a poll of our readers 40 and over about what they were most concerned about in their lives right now. There are not many surprising things on the list but we wanted to explore anyway. Here we offer suggestions for solutions as well. Click next at the bottom to see the next segment. 

#13 – Poor Eating Habits 3.14%


The last, yet still a paramount, thing that most of our participants stated was most important to them was changing bad eating habits. As we get older the bad foods cost a much higher price. It is a challenge. Few people like to cook so fast food and restaurant alternatives have become a staple for busy people. Problem is both fast food spots and restaurants have horrific ways that they cook food for mass production which can cause mass heart attacks strokes not to mention a huge dent in your earnings.

SOLUTION: Get a subscription to Netflix and watch the plethora of shows on how toxic meat and the American diet is. By the time you get done watching one of the migrant workers routinely stab a dead pig in the leg and watch the infected thick green and chunky puss spurt out and then watch the worker package the infected pig for grocery store delivery, you'll be running to your freezer to toss out the extra thick bacon and pig snout you were planning on having for lunch tomorrow. What we do today is paramount in preventing diseases and illness in the future.

ACCESSIBILITY: Many cities have vegetarian or healthy cooking and clean eating classes and there are many meal planning services that help people who are too busy to cook like Home Chef. Click NEXT below for next segment

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