WNBA Star Maya Moore Leaves the Sport and Gets Her Happily Ever After

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Love can come from the most unexpected at the most unexpected time; but it always wins! WNBA star, Maya Moore left the game of basketball to work on her passion of prison reform and freeing Jonathan Irons. Jonathan Irons had served 23 years before his release in July. Moore and Irons appeared on Good Morning America and announced that they have been married for several months and they definitely had that new marriage glow.

What some people do not know is that Moore and Irons have known each other for 13 years. Moore was part of a prison ministry program when she started learning more about his case. A friendship developed and from there they fell in love. Irons actually asked her to marry him years ago, but he would not let her answer him until he was a free man. So, on the day of his release he asked her, and she eagerly accepted. Now as they say, they will live happily ever after.




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