Why “Black” Should Be Capitalized

Over the years of doing magazines and this site and writing, I became painfully aware of how I was always cautious about using the word Black when describing Black people, especially while trying to secure advertising from ad agencies and white-run companies.

I was always cognizant of it and also offended by the fact that I was being censored when every other culture had no problem describing their cultures or race.

It became apparent Black people were the only race of people who were supposed to be ambiguous instead of proud. Nevertheless, I still capitalized it anyway and it was pointed out to me by some of the industry companies that were not black run.

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Previously I was approached by advertisers and asked why do you guys always have to make it a racial thing when I mention “Black” and an article that I wrote I realize that this was a game they were playing that made them feel “uncomfortable” but really gave them an excuse not to support the brand.

I noticed that every other race uses their culture or names to describe themselves and it’s never a problem but when Black people describe themselves as “Black” there was often a problem

There is a certain amount of power that goes in the word “Black” especially when it’s capitalized. It symbolizes a culture of great people, music, sports, entrepreneurism, overcoming unbelievable challenges and obstacles, standing strong, and making lemonade out of lemons time and time again.

Black people should not be ashamed or afraid to call themselves “Black” and to love ourselves and our culture unconditionally regardless of the level of comfort outside of the community.

This is the first time in history post George Floyd that the word “Black” is “OK” to use. I am amazed at my age that we have finally arrived at this point but I was actually fooled into thinking that by claiming my own culture I was being racist in order to secure money from potentital advertisers.

From this point on we will always capitalize the word “Black” as I have done over the last several years on the site and there is nothing wrong with being “Black” and calling ourselves “Black.”

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