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Wendy Williams’ TV Show Starts Tomorrow: Why is she holding on to Radio Gig?

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It took Wendy 20 years to get to this point, as an urban Radio DJ, it has to be bittersweet. In addition, she must have an insane love for radio (WBLS) to try to stick with it AND TV. Wendy is one of the most unique urban radio personalities in the business. I have to give her former programmer Vinny Brown a TON of credit for doing what I have rarely seen other urban programmers do, allowing talent to shine on the air and to do what they do best. While it is stand ard in pop radio, when that happens in any format, great things follow, higher ratings, book deals and more and Wendy has also conquered the New York Times Best Seller list. If I was to program a Radio Station today, I would ONLY hire Radio DJs who wanted to be stars and I would encourage it.Perhaps Wendy’s affiliation and love to WBLS is the lure of the huge paycheck and /or a course in caution by not jumping the gun until she is SURE the TV show will work, that would make sense especially in this economy. If she were to exit WBLS, there are probably 300 urban Radio DJs in this country who would stampede her to get to the vacant position before she left the building. No word on her national radio show.While Williams may not be loved by the hip hop music community for her many accusations that certain rappers are secretly gay, she will certainly have a HUGE female and gay following.   Time may permit a closer bond with the hip hop music community and it will have to if her show is to survive on the BET Network but I’m sure the show, which she is co-producing with industry heavyweight Debmar-Mercury, is also aiming for the Hollywood heavyweights as guests to give Williams crossover appeal.   At 45, Wendy admits that she knows this is   clearly the big time “” and she says she’s never been more ready.   We wish her continued success and want to say… a How Yew Dewin!

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