Weed Laced Food Served at Wedding: Florida Bride and Caterer Arrested


    Weed laced food was served at a Florida wedding, including weed laced lasagna, police said. The bride and her caterer were arrested for the pot plot back in February.

    According to ABC 9, several guests at the Longwood, Fla. celebration suddenly felt unsteady and stoned and called 911 after eating the marijuana baked goods at the February 19 ceremony.

    “I think some people thought they were having heart attacks,” said attendee Miranda Cady.

    Some guests demanded transportation to a local hospital after becoming so overwhelmed by the edibles that they began to vomit.

    Several irate guests pursued legal action, and investigators collected samples of everything from the lasagna and brownies to the chocolate-covered strawberries and alcoholic pudding shots.

    Deputies arrested Glenny and caterer Jocelyn Bryant of Jocelyn’s Southern Kitchen in connection with the incident.

    Deputies tied Glenny and Bryant to the crime through interviews with witnesses and other caterers who served items at the event.

    The women face charges of tampering, delivery of marijuana, and negligence.


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