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WBLK's Chris Reynolds is on a Mission to Change Perceptions via the Station

As many of you know, I am from Buffalo, N.Y. Ironically many great people are also from Buffalo so in THAT sense, it’s an . Other than that growing up there is something I’d rather forget. Nevertheless, I admire Chris Reynold’s efforts to do his part in cleaning up the streets of Buffalo and changing the mindset of the youth that listen to the station there. I am an advocate of using urban as a tool to change the community for the better. To that end, I give Chris Kudos for being one of the few stations in the doing so. Am I wrong? Feel free to email me and let me know it radio.


  1. Buffalo is a Great place To be from…WBLK. Was the first to play black music on FM. . The station was always a big part of th black community. The Hound dog lives….remember Mickey Turntable and the Confidential Report…..

  2. Shouts out to Chris Reynolds and all of the people who are from Buffalo in our industry. I am also from Buffalo, and if there is any city in the u.s, that needs something like that, it’s Buffalo. I also would like to forget a lot about Buffalo, but Chris, kudos to you for doing what you are doing. (insert applause) JayTek


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