Tornados Captured on Video Touching Down in South Carolina and Georgia


Tornados were captured on video touching down in South Carolina. As severe weather pounded the region Tuesday afternoon, those caught in the path took to social media to upload videos.

According to the National Weather Service, at least 33 tornados, stretching from Mississippi to South Carolina, had been reported by Tuesday night.

A large tornado touched down in the distance in a Facebook video posted by Brannon Deal and later shared on Twitter by user @ChadBlue83.

“What you're seeing is a tornado in Allendale, South Carolina,” a narrator says in Deal's 32-second video. “We've watched it build around us … Lord help the ones that are in the path of that tornado right now.”

Photos of an overturned car in a Walmart parking lot were tweeted by a meteorologist for South Carolina CBS affiliate WLTX, Cory Smith. He commented that the images show possible “tornado damage near Manning from earlier this evening.” Manning is located about 90 miles northeast of Allendale.

Twitter user @myahcowart, on Tuesday afternoon, shared a video that appeared to be footage of a tornado up close in Ellabell, Georgia. A caption posted alongside the video said, “not my stepdad standing in the middle of a tornado in ellabell???”

As a narrator says, “not good” and “crazy,” the video showed the tornado apparently striking the house and tearing off a portion of the roof.

At least one person in Pembroke—roughly eight miles west of Ellabell—had been killed due to the storm, confirmed Bill Cox, coroner for Georgia's Bryan County.

“We will continue to do everything we can to support all impacted by today's severe weather and the emergency personnel who are responding to the needs and damage on the ground,” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp tweeted in response to a tornado video from Andrew Gorton, a meteorologist for CBS affiliate WTOC.

In Jackson, Mississippi, the National Weather Service office confirmed that four tornadoes rated EF-1 had touched down in the state on Tuesday morning, in addition to the tornados reported in Georgia and South Carolin. Later in the day, “Quiet and mild conditions” were expected.

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