Thieves in Detroit Use Portable Car Crusher to Destroy Stolen Vehicles While Running a Marijuana Grow Operation


    Thieves in Detroit used a portable car crusher to destroy hundreds of stolen vehicles. Detroit police uncovered the lucrative operation. Officials said the marijuana grow operation was also being run.

    According to police, the car crusher was discovered Wednesday (March 2). The machine was found at a used car lot in the area of Joy Road and Schaefer Highway on Detroit’s west side.

    “We’ve been looking at this location for quite awhile now,” Detroit police Lt. Clive Stewart said. “We received information that they were crushing vehicles. We found out that the location is not even zoned to crush vehicles.”

    Stewart said the thieves dropped off hundreds of stolen cars that were crushed.

    “They’re using a portable crusher and crushing the vehicles to either re-sell for scrap, or maybe just to hide the fact that the vehicles were stolen, and now they’re crushed,” Stewart said.

    A building suspected of being used as a marijuana grow operation was forced into by officials. According to authorities, once inside, hundreds of marijuana plants were found. The plants will be confiscated.

    “There is an illegal grow operation going on, as well,” Stewart said. “Inside one of the adjoining buildings on the property.”

    Stewart said two people had been taken into custody. A warrant will be presented for review.

    The scheme is considered a criminal enterprise because of the money involved in the plot. Serious charges will be the result of the illegal activity, police said.

    “We have found out that they have crushed hundreds of motor vehicles valuing well over half a million dollars’ worth of cars,” Stewart said.

    To impound the car crusher, heavy impound equipment was brought in. Several vehicles were also removed.


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