The Steve Harvey Show Discusses Martin Lawrence Getting a Star on the Walk of Fame (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Show discussed Martin Lawrence getting a star on the Walk of Fame. Lawrence and several other celebrities will receive their star next year. No date has been set for the ceremony however the morning show wanted to congratulate the actor on his accomplishment.

    Lawrence recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and jokingly said if his daughter married the son of Eddie Murphy, he was going to send Murphy the bill. The couple has been dating for a while, but Lawrence said he stays out of their business.

    It seems as if Martin is just being recognized for his groundbreaking show said the co-host. The morning show agreed that Martin had broken a lot of records and had received a lot of accomplishments in his career.

    Steve Harvey said that there is nothing wrong with Lawrence receiving his star at this point in his career. Everyone gets it when their time comes.

    “Some people have people pushing for it a little bit harder than others,” said Harvey.

    It is not the celebrity that vies to have their star on the Walk of Fame, it is decided by a committee of people, said Harvey.


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