The Moment Chiefs Fans Booed a Moment of Silence for Equality On NFL’s Opening Night (VIDEO)


NBA teams are playing in a bubble, the MLB is playing shortened season with zero fans in the stands, and the NFL season just kicked off on Thursday night with the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans. With about 17,000 fans scattered throughout the stadium, players and coaches from both teams came together in the middle of the field prior to the game to have a moment of unity and silence for racial equality. We all know the NFL has really been working on its image regarding racial injustice since its epic fail with Colin Kaepernick.

Although this one isn’t on the NFL, the Kansas City Chief fans didn’t do anything to help change the narrative. What did the fans do during this moment which was supposed to be inspiring? Well, they booed. I mean, damn, who hates equality? That was really a rhetorical question because we know the answer. Peep the video below.


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