The Entire Radio and Music Industry Stress Test Results

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 width=Our poll a couple of weeks ago generated a lot of interest. We got responses from the entire industry and decided to explore the rest of the industry. Here are the results. (click “Next” button above or below)

Do You Still Like Working in the Industry?

radiofacts, love my job94%

Without question, most of us love the industry that we work in. It’s still a great career.

Are You Constantly Stressed?


Not many people are CONSTANTLY stress but we certainly feel the effects of stress.  

Do You Worry about Your Health?


No surprises here. People are worried about what long term stress with do to them. We have seen our share of heart attacks and strokes on the Black side of the industry.

Has the stress affected your health


Most of us have been fortunate to only have weight gain and basic stress but many others suffer from high blood pressure and other illnesses associated with stress.

Do you do anything to elminate stress?


This is the best part of this poll. It appears that many of us are doing something about our levels of stress.  

Are you planning on leaving the industry?


Not many people are planning leaving the industry as we stated earlier people love the industry.

Do you know of anyone that has been greatly affected by industry stress?


 Most of us can think of at least two people who have been affected by stress in the industry.



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