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Tavis Smiley and JJ Abrams to Collab on Michael Jackson TV Series

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Tavis Smiley is working on some big things. He is now partnering with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions to develop a TV series for warner bros. Television based on the last few months of Michael Jackson's life.

Tavis Smiley Brings Judges Together to Explore JUSTICE in the Judicial System

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Tavis Smiley, host of the late night television talk show tavis smiley on PBS, in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts, is convening a series of town hall meetings under the banner COURTING JUSTICE, the first of which was held in Los Angeles on June 10th and will air on PBS stations on June

More Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) Changes: Stephanie Johnson and Jeff Johnson Segments...

There are more changes taking place at the Tom Joyner morning show. Correspondents Jeff Johnson and Stephanie Robinson's segments have been cancelled and they will say goodbye on the show tomorrow. Both Johnson and Robinson won a contest after Tavis Smiley parted ways with the show to be commentators.

Tavis Smiley States President Obama’s Team Going after his Sponsors

Tavis Smiley is at it once again. He's back in the news attacking President Obama's camp for going after his anti poverty advertisers and trying to destroy his campaign.

Tavis Smiley To Moderate “Latino Nation” Symposium In Chicago

In the wake of the historic political muscle flexed by America##Q##s 50-million-strong Latino community in the 2012 elections, PBS broadcaster Tavis Smiley, in partnership with The William C.

Multiple Producers Resign from Tavis Smiley Show

Three of Tavis Smiley's producers purportedly resigned in unison this past Friday. Neal Kendall (executive producer), Luke Sader (talent producer) and Stephanie Storey (producer).   The production team was most recently responsible for Smiley's "Visions for a New America" which aired live on C-Span January 17 from George Washington University.
10 Things We can ALL Learn from Tavis Smiley

10 Things We can ALL Learn from Tavis Smiley

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) We have to admit, we're a bit confused about the direction that Tavis Smiley is going in.
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Tavis Smiley Envisions A Future Without Poverty

Excuse us while we ask Tavis one simple question. What in the hell is wrong with you?A future without poverty? How about asking the company that advertises on your show to stop treating their employees like shit first? (Walmart).
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What will Tavis Smiley and these other Two Blacks Fate Now be After Obama’s...

What will Tavis Smiley and these other Two Blacks Fate Now be After Obama's Win?Tavis Smiley and (as Tom Joyner called it) "his side piece" Cornel West (lol) and Resident MILFtress Stacey Dash. Her endorsement for Romney wasn't enough to piss people off, she later posted pictures of herself voting for him. So much for begging for attention.

Tavis Smiley Doesn’t Take to Kindly to Being Cancelled: His Open Letter to WBEZ...

Well, it seems like Tavis Smiley is on another crusade and this time its regarding his own personal interest.  Tavis emailed the following...


Radio veterans Johnny Morris and his daughter Felicia "The Poetess" Morris have launched AM/FM Multi-Media Services. Johnny Morris, who recently celebrated 45 years...

Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.'s CLosest AdvIsors Examine FAMED ANTI-VIETNAM SPEECH and turbulent final...

Radio Facts: Host tavis smiley Explores Relevance of King's Controversial Anti-War Stance and its parallels to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq A new primetime special on PBS will examine the forgotten agenda of Martin Luther King Jr., whose famed “Beyond Vietnam” speech, given at Riverside Church in 1967, led to an abrupt loss of his popularity in the last