Susan Rice Attacks Racially Motivated? Fox Panel Vid

Susan Rice Attacks Racially Motivated? Fox Panel VidFox Panel Gets Heated Over Whether Criticism Of Ambassador Susan Rice Is Racially MotivatedFox News America Live panel got into an interesting and tense debate over whether Rep. James Clyburn”˜s (D-SC) comments that the Republican criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice”˜s handling of the Benghazi attacks is racially motivated. Conservative radio host Mike Gallagher and liberal Fox News commentator Alan Colmes debated over the accusations.”I don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against because of the color of my skin. Obviously, I’m a white guy,” began Gallagher. “But it seems to me this argument precludes any criticism from ever being leveled against her.”  He continued: “The fact is that some people hear racist thoughts when there is no racist intent, and now Clyburn, who is a long-time race baiter, he’s done this for years, he’s now trying to, I believe, stifle any criticism, of Rice by hiding behind this mean-spirited charge. I just find it sad.”

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