Surround Yourself With The Right People in Business


Over the last few months I have been doing many beta tests. Not only on my online business but the company that I keep through my business which is outrageously important for your personal growth. Not surprisingly, I have found that almost ALL of the people that I know/knew who have their own businesses are either not as advanced as I am in business. Most of them are struggling and out of about 50 there may be one or two who are at the same juncture as I am right now. That doesn’t mean I will always be on top, I have learned that lesson the hard way but in order to STAY on top you MUST surround yourself with the RIGHT PEOPLE.

The greatest complaint that I hear from those who are on a similar level is “I am so f’king tired of people calling me to pick my brain for free. Who do I go to when I need help?” I can completely relate because I have often felt the same way. It’s not the people who are calling for help who are at fault, it is us, we feel a bit of guilt and/or obligation for our success as if we don’t deserve it and we DO.

People will test out your business esteem all the time and you better pass the test for your OWN benefit. My mother says To whom much is given much is expected and I believe and accept that. Each week, I get at least 20 calls and emails that say “Call me” with a number attached. It’s not a request, it’s an order like I OWE them a call. In addition, I don’t even KNOW these people and 99.99% of the calls are pure bullshit. They often want a shoulder to complain or cry on about their problems or mostly to dangle carrots telling me if I help them get to someone or something in the industry that they can’t get to, they will help me down the road. I NEVER get calls saying “Do you need help?” “How can I help you?” or “Is there a way that we can work together?” it’s always something for me to do for them.

I am not stupid nor am I motivated by that but there is an amazing silver lining in this cloud. The fact that they are reaching out to you means you are doing something VERY right and you are effective. They can see the potential and the success in what you do and people want to align themselves with that, nevertheless, in small business a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and(click “next” above or below)