Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses Cardi B’s Secret to Beautiful Hair (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed Cardi B’s secret to beautiful hair. Cardi B confessed that she washes her natural hair in boiled onion water. She posted a picture of her hair on social media and her tresses are beautiful, said Shirley Strawberry. Cardi B started using onion water on her hair six years ago to help keep her mane healthy, she said.

    Cardi B added that the hair regimen is an order free rinse that makes hair shiny. Experts agreed that the onions contain compounds that help to enhance dry, damaged hair, encourage hair growth, and reverse greying.

    Steve Harvey said Black women don’t try this at home. He said Cardi B has been doing this for a while, and it is a step that she is not telling the public about. Harvey said another problem is a lot of people do not listen.

    “I was rubbing onions in my hair like Cardi. Cardi didn’t say that,” said Steve.

    The morning show host said people who do not listen would walk around crying.

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