Steve Harvey Discusses a Woman Unaware She is Seeing a Married Man (VIDEO)


    Steve Harvey discussed a woman unaware she was seeing a married man. A woman wrote to Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey to say that she has been in a relationship for nearly two years and when she thinks about the things that her mate has shown her mentally and sexually, she is astonished. She said her man literally takes her breath away, but there are a few problems with their relationship. She said they have never spent the night together. She also has never met his family, except for his twin daughters and their mother.

    The woman said special holidays, like Valentine’s Day and their anniversary, were not spent together. The man was not around on Christmas, his birthday, or New Year. She said she does not make a big deal about his absence. She does not want to run him off because she said the man’s ex-girlfriend nagged him a lot. The woman said the man works a lot of hours, has his kids every other weekend, and likes to hang out with his friends to unwind.

    Strawberry said the man would never become a priority in the woman’s life because he already has someone special. The man is married because of his antics such as not spending holidays together. Strawberry said the woman needs to stop making excuses for this man.

    Steve Harvey agreed with Strawberry and said this man is not interested. Harvey said they are some significant flags, such as the woman has never spent the night at the man’s house. Harvey said the couple does not spend time together on their anniversary. They do not have an anniversary because they are not a real couple.

    Steve Harvey said the woman needs to face reality and not be in denial about her predicament because the man’s story does not make sense or add up.

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