Radio One Atl Update…


Radio Facts: Well let’s see, how much can I tell you WITHOUT telling you… As you already know, the two names that have been at the top of the speculative list of cand idates are Jamillah Muhammed and Nate Bell. Today we got word on two other persons of interest to the corporation… one is a working PD in a market with two names for the city (…think New York, New Orleans, St. Louis, Fort Lauderdale, Kansas City, Baton Rouge, Raleigh Durham, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Los Angeles etc).   The actual city has been mentioned. The other is an unlikely cand idate who would raise your eyebrow as it appears they are already in a pretty good situation. Finally, we have heard that one cand idate (that may or may not be mentioned here) gave a SPECTACULAR presentation.   Finally, we hear Radio One is close to making a decision. Have a great weekend!


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