R Kelly Returns as Pimp Lucius on IFC

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R Kelly Returns as Pimp Lucius on IFC

The copy below was written by IFC….We know you are already excited for the return of R. Kelly’s hip hop musicera Trapped in the Closet on Friday, November 23 at 9/8c, but do you want to get even more excited? Pimp Lucius is coming back. Yep, everyone’s favorite pimp will be talking about “Who, when and where got what? The p-p-p-package!” throughout the next installment of Trapped in the Closet, which airs exclusively on IFC. “Let’s go get this mmm”¦ mmm”¦ money!”But what did you expect? Of course, Lucius is back because, as you all know, pimping is for life, and nothing can stop the pimping, not even when you go to church and the choir starts singing at you and the Reverend James Moseley tries to convince you to stop pimping. Not even that come to Jesus moment will stop the pimping. When we last saw Lucius, in Chapter 22, he was bragging about a ho over the phone to his companion Bishop Craig. But his conversation was interrupted by a phone call from some “bitch”, who tells him that Pastor Rufus has The Package. That’s right, Rufus has The Package and Lucius knows it. So what will he do? You have to tune in to Trapped in the Closet as the saga continues.For now, watch this behind-the-scenes footage straight from the set of Trapped in the Closet:



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