Probation Officer murdered and her corpse defiled by a homeless man


    Paula Lind, a veteran, and a county probation officer in LA was found murdered on Sunday while she was off-duty. Officer Paula, 52 years of age was beaten to death in her Lancaster home shortly after midnight on Sunday according to Micheal Gomez, the Sheriff’s homicide LT.

    The defendant, considered a homeless man, made his way into the probation officer’s home and killed her as he tried to rape the officer. He later defiled her body, as the prosecutors say. The deputies were able to arrest a man on site who was later described to be a ‘transient’ within the area. On Tuesday, charges were laid against him by the prosecutor, including sexual contact with human remains, assault with the intent of rape, and burglary. The man, who didn’t have any identification on him at the time of arrest, sometimes goes by the name Sandro Bladimir Martinez-Marroquin.

    After investigations, the officers who arrested him do not believe his official names are Martinez-Marroquin. Without a doubt, the death of Paula Lind shook the whole department. Her fellow colleagues passed their condolences to her family, with most of them praising her dedication to her career and the safety of the public.

    Currently, the enforcement officers have not shown any suggestions that the assault had anything to do with her line of work as a probation officer. However, the prosecutors also filed a gun enhancement into the case. That’s because the defendant was armed with a shotgun during the assault but did not fire.

    Investigations show that the defendant broke into the probation officer’s home by smashing and sliding the door open and then got into a physical altercation with Lind. Paula suffered severe head injuries, and authorities believe she was beaten to death.

    At her work, Paula normally was in charge of monitoring adult probationers. On this fateful day, she worked an overtime shift with her colleague to help with the ongoing staff shortage in the department. Paula is survived by her longtime boyfriend, who is also a probation officer. For now, it’s unclear who will act as the defendant’s defense attorney.


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