Popular WKYS Radio DJ William “Ill Will” Walker has Died

WKYS Radio DJ William “Ill Will” Walker passed last Wed after a brief illness that led to two heart attacks a week ago. He was in the hospital recuperating from surgery when things took a turn for the worse and he passed. The Radio Station ‘s website has posted a tribute and the statement below.“It is with great pain that we inform you that William Walker, affectionately known as Ill Will, has passed away suddenly mid day on Wednesday after a brief illness. All of us here will miss his energy and “can-do” spirit, We know everyone will keep him and his entire family in  their  thoughts and prayers.”May he rest in peace1976-2011

UPDATE:  The funeral service will be held Monday, February 14th at Reid Temple AME Church 11400 Glenn Dale Boulevard, Glenn Dale, MD.   The viewing will begin at 10am ““ 11am and the service will be immediately after.

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  1. Hmm great and popular blues singer Marvin Sease died Feb 8th and i just found out today.
    Didnt see anything on CNN, Urbaninsite or this web site.

    Im not a big blues fan but I respect it BIGTIME.

    Its one black music genre thats has its own fans, it takes care of them, and doesnt let white america control it like most music genre.

    Ive worked in some southern markets where blues is a force on the radio and the blues draw people to thier concerts unlike alot of RnB acts who are over priced, and not worth a nickle.

    Marvin Sease had a fawl mouth, did some nasty song, but had a great career and should be respected alot more then some of these no talent rap acts who alot are just pitiful.


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