Poll: What Would You Do If You Were Steve Harvey?


Who of us have not spoken poorly about our bosses. Out of frustation, anger or even gossip but does that make it right?

In today’s post and Poll Question, we’re exploring a common workplace challenge: How would you react if you discovered that someone who works for you had spoken negatively about you and your spouse behind your back? It’s a situation that can arise in various industries, but it’s particularly interesting in the music and radio fields, where personal and professional relationships often intertwine. Unlike many other sectors, these industries involve daily interactions, shared meals, and socializing, sometimes even extending to colleagues visiting each other’s homes.

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The Music and Radio Industry Lifestyle:

The music and radio industries are known for their unique dynamics. Colleagues in these fields frequently travel together, share meals, and socialize on a regular basis. It’s not unusual for coworkers to become close, sharing personal stories and, occasionally, invitations into each other’s homes—a practice uncommon in most other professions.

The Steve Harvey-Shirley Strawberry Situation:

Now, let’s take a closer look at a recent situation involving Steve Harvey and his co-host, Shirley Strawberry. Their case, which became public, sheds light on the complexities of managing workplace conflicts within the music and radio industry, where personal and professional boundaries can blur.

Exploring Our Own Reactions:

Given the distinctive nature of these industries, it’s essential to reflect on how we would respond if faced with a similar situation, where not only are we criticized by a colleague but also our spouse. How do you strike a balance between being a supportive colleague and maintaining professionalism when confronted with criticism from someone you work closely with, possibly even consider a friend?

Shirley Strawberry’s Apology:

Shirley Strawberry’s apology, after the incident and included a recorded phone call, emphasizes the lasting impact of such situations within these lifestyle-driven industries.

Who is Shirley Strawberry husband?

Ernesto Williams is Shirley’s husband, she is currently getting ending the marriage while he is serving 24 months in jail.

Moving Forward:

For Steve Harvey, managing this situation was undoubtedly challenging. He had to decide whether to continue working with Shirley Strawberry while navigating his personal relationship with his wife. This incident added to a series of recent PR challenges, all of which ultimately revolve around issues of trust.


The music and radio industries offer a distinctive blend of personal and professional interactions, making the handling of workplace conflicts even more nuanced. As we explore this scenario, we encourage you to reflect on how you would respond if you found yourself in a similar position within these lifestyle-driven sectors, where both your professional and personal life intersect. See our poll question below ..

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