Polish Orchestra Amazingly Covers 20 Years of Hip Hop


It still amazes me at times how much hip hop music has influenced and changed the world. For this very reason I wished more artists realized the power in the music and used it to take the culture in a positive direction. That’s not to say there isn’t any positivity in hip hop music because there is tons of it but it isn’t always pushed in the mainstream formats as much as I would like to see.Speaking of formats and hip hop music’s influence, this video is a must see in my humble opinion. The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra did their thing as they cleverly went through a brief history of hip hop music bringing the crowd to their feet at the end of this encore performance. JIMEK’s orchestrated definition of hip hop music was the last encore after two symphonic concerts with NOSPR and Miuosh.Check out the video to see how many hip hop music classic you recognize.https://youtu.be/p0aLMsh4mvU


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