Polish Orchestra Amazingly Covers 20 Years of Hip-Hop


It still amazes me at times how much hip-hop music has influenced and changed the world. For this very reason I wished more artists realized the power in the music and used it to take the culture in a positive direction. That's not to say there isn't any positivity in hip-hop music because there is tons of it but it isn't always pushed in the mainstream formats as much as I would like to see.Speaking of formats and hip-hop music's influence, this video is a must see in my humble opinion. The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra did their thing as they cleverly went through a brief history of hip-hop music bringing the crowd to their feet at the end of this encore performance. JIMEK's orchestrated definition of hip-hop music was the last encore after two symphonic concerts with NOSPR and Miuosh.Check out the video to see how many hip-hop music classic you recognize.https://youtu.be/p0aLMsh4mvU

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