One of Wayne Brown’s Last Interviews (audio)

Wayne Brown’s Recent Interview Sounded Very Upbeat and Optimistic

On this audio, Wayne is very upbeat and optimistic and talking about the future and his goals. I’ve met him several times and saw him at many events while I lived in Atlanta from 2002 – 08. The late Nate Quick who worked with Wayne for years at WPEG was a very close friend of mines and he always spoke very highly of Wayne. Unfortunately, they both succumbed to the same illness. Nate died in August of 2009. I’m not sure when this was done but I was told it’s very recent. This week, I talked to several industry people who were depressed about their careers. This is proof that we never know what tomorrow brings and we should stop complaining, be who we are and live for the moment. RIP Wayne. (Thanks to Pat Shields via Arnold Turner for the link, picture courtesy of Lori Hall)

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