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imagesTyler Perry

Producer, writer, actor and director Tyler Perry stops by to discuss flying lessons, fatherhood, his new film and the flowers he gave Oprah that got an unexpected reaction! Plus, Tyler goes head-to-head with his biggest fan to see who knows his films the best! Then, Steve names his newest “Harvey’s Hero,” a young man inspired by his late father to take a step back from his career and start doing good in the world! Also, three women who want new looks for spring get the makeovers of their dreams! Plus, some creative ways that kids are responding to homework assignments.

Worst Dater in Florida

A Miami-based wedding photographer whose ex-husband suddenly ended their 11-year marriage wants a date that’s picture perfect! Can Steve help her find a “Good Guy”? Then, we’re going whole hog on the Bacon craze and revealing some of the most unusual new ways this American staple is being served up! Also, Steve honors his latest Harvey’s Hero ““ a young man who braved a 10-mile walk to a job interview and the man who stopped to give him a lift that he’ll never forget. Plus, a mother of the bride searching for the perfect dress comes to Steve for help! And a man who got a little too comfortable while staying at a hotel!

Super Nanny Advice

“America’s Supernanny” Deborah Tillman returns with advice for moms at their wit’s end! From picky eaters to tantrums from hell, Deborah has all the tips to help keep the peace in your home. Then, a male model given a devastating cancer diagnosis shares his inspiring story of beating the odds! Also, fashion tips and quick fixes for moms-to-be that will last through every trimester! Plus, what’s on your man’s mind when he’s fast asleep? An expert shows how to decode men’s dreams to see what they are really thinking! And, a homework challenge that’s gone viral!


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