Note to Radio from Arbitron

Arbitron has mailed the Spring 2009 Station Information Profiles to radio stations that appear within the markets that Arbitron will measure in the Spring 2009 Survey. All stations are asked to complete the forms and return them by Monday, March 2, 2009. The packet contains a Station Information Form, which includes preprinted information that a station submitted for the previous survey. Stations must confirm or correct the information on the preprinted forms for the Spring 2009 Survey. Stations that are 100% simulcast (including commercials and PSAs) may also request Total Line Reporting by returning the completed Station Information Form.When completed and returned, the form advises Arbitron of the station’s current facilities, station name, call letters, frequency and format. Arbitron uses this information for the editing of returned diaries and the lead-in pages for local market reports.

Arbitron is mailing the packet to stations approximately seven weeks prior to the beginning of the Spring Survey, beginning April 2, 2009 and ending June 24, 2009. Stations have approximately 18 days to return the completed form to Arbitron.

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