Netflix Review: ‘A Man Called Otto’


I just watched a captivating, very interesting movie starring Tom hank’s on Netflix called “A Man Called Otto.”

‘A Man Called Otto’ on VOD, Starring Tom Hanks as a Stereotypical Grumpy Old Man© Provided by Decider

The movie centers around a man who is a subdued loner with a heart to help others that he has slammed shut but it keeps resurfacing. His life is on pause during his youth after a tragic life event where he has remained for many years after.

His wife, who he was head-over-heels in love with, loses their baby in a bus accident. She ends up paralyzed and unable to have more children and eventually dies of cancer years later, but she becomes his entire life, and he is her caregiver for the ensuing years after the loss of the baby.

Previous to meeting her, he lost his father as well, who he was very fond of. He becomes very bitter and withdrawn, unfriendly and isolated, yet his neighbors try their best to console and comfort him with the little bit they know about his past. They know something is very wrong, but Otto is extremely private and won’t let them in.

He lives in a condominium community and was once the head of the homeowners association until he got frustrated because they would not install handicap access for people like his wife, who ended up paralyzed after the bus accident. He physically attacks a member of the board, which was the beginning of his downfall.

Otto keeps everything in the house exactly as it was when his wife died after the accident, including her clothes, hanging in the doorway and furniture he bought for her, and he cannot move on.

Eventually, his health circumstances intervene in his self-pity and force him to change when he realizes how selfish and self-destructive he has been. Thanks to his neighbor, a very nice and someone imposing woman named Marisol.

Marisol has two young daughters and a husband who somewhat of a goofball. She is pregnant and needs Otto to help her on several occasions, even though he doesn’t want to help her cannot help but to like her.

There is also a transgender teenager who says Otto’s late wife was his teacher and the first to call him by his male name, Malcolm. Otto’s late wife also respected him, unlike the other kids and teachers.

At a later point, Malcolm gets kicked out of his home by his homophobic father and asks Otto if he could come to stay with him. Otto initially rejects the offer but then accepts it. They end up becoming close, and Otto replaces Malcom’s father.

Not to give away the entire story, but Otto has a heart condition. That he knows will eventually catch up with him so I won’t spoil the ending by telling you what he does, but it is a modern-day, sad but compelling Scrooge story. Good weekend watch.

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