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More Black Families Tired of Public School System Opt for Homeschooling, Here’s Why (video)

Not only did businesses discover they did not need as many brick and mortar outlets and that people could work from home during the COVID pandemic, but Black parents also found out that their children were not learning enough about black history, slavery, entrepreneurship, and other subjects that are important to black families.

What they were learning was either not sufficient or inaccurate.

The public school system has been a well-known disaster for decades, and even the parents of the children they are teaching knew this when they were students and their parents were students.

There is little interest in teaching Black children about Black history or areas of concern about Black culture.

Black families across the nation started homeschooling when the COVID pandemic caused many to isolate themselves at home within the last two years.

These parents were also tired of seeing their children disciplined at higher rates or seeing teachers who did not look like their children.

Bullying was also a factor that parents wanted to have a better handle on by teaching the kids at home. Bullied Black kids felt the teachers and administration did not care about them being bullied, and parents stated that their children felt isolated or disconnected in the public school system.

These kids were asked if they wanted to return to regular school in this video, and all said a resounding no.

Some of the parents in this video say schools were not designed to serve black children and are tired of seeing generations of black children failing.

Black home educators worry about the children who get left behind with the current deficit for teaching black children in the public school system.

Children describe feeling more confident being homeschooled and more interested in the studies that pertain to them.

In the story, a woman started a co-op for black parents to homeschool their children, and she has a waiting list of Black families who want to join, and she anticipates that list will increase.

Black parents who homeschool their children have doubled in the last couple of years.

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