Miss Sophia Out at V103, Is THIS the Reason?


Looks like V103 has made a decision to “update” the morning show by making some changes. Elle Duncan must be dizzy from all the changes that have taken place with her, first as Ryan Cameron’s sidekick in the afternoon, THEN replacing the disgraced Porsche Fox on middays with her OWN show and NOW as the new…. well, her title has not been defined at press time just that she will have a primary role on the morning show. It would appear that since she is now an experienced Radio DJ that would make sense.

Cross dressing character/entertainment host(ess) Miss Sophia is now out of the morning show and the Radio Station reportedly for 2 different reasons. Some sources say Sophia was offered an exclusive 2 year contract that would not have given him/her the ability to do any outside appearances (this would not make sense because Frank and Wand a do outside appearances).   Supposedly Sophia (Joe Taylor) refused the terms and the Radio Station decided not to renew. This is odd… the Radio Station is more than aware that Atlanta has a HUGE gay population. Would the Radio Station be willing to shoot itself in the foot like that?

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The other reason is The show wanted to move in “new direction” and needed a “new perspective”.. namely the lovely Ms. Duncan.   I am no longer interested in radio programming but if I was, I’d hire a hot lesbian/bi chick like Nicki Minaj as the entertainment reporter. That’s just a win/win situation. No word on the fate of stand up comedian Wand a Smith. OK… on to something else.

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  1. One thing that I have noticed about V103, When some one leaves, they never talk about them anymore. Nina is gone, and then I saw her on the 11 alive news station. I really miss MS Sophia. I think that Frank had something to do with her no longer being on the station. Good Luck to Ms Sophia

  2. Miss Sophia was the only reason I listened to V103. Wonda is O.K. but I really dont like Frank and his messed up views on things. I will miss you Miss Sophia and don’y worry every dog had it’s day. You are a STARRA!!!!!!!!!


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