McDonald’s Worker Shot over Serving Cold Fries to Customer’s Mother has Died


Matthew Webb, a 23-year-old man who worked at a Brooklyn McDonald’s has died after being shot in the neck by an angry customer who confronted him about serving cold french fries to his mother. Webb was in a coma and declared brain dead. Michael Morgan, 20, who is the assailant has now had charges upgraded to homicide.

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  1. Sad people dying over cold French fries though this world needs help and who’s mother would be a part of that like you told your son to come to rescue you over cold fries???? Your pothetic see I’m totally convinced the problem is the grown folks nowadays

    • I totally 💯 agree! It’s such a sad tragedy for this to happen to that young man just trying to be responsible and work and make money.. I also feel like the mother needs to be held accountable for this as well!!! If it wasn’t for her calling her stupid son over cold ass fries is just ridiculous 🤬😡


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