There is no doubt that Macklemore has become one of the biggest artist out. The fact that he is an independent artist and has had three songs climb up the charts is a story in it’s self. However, possibly something even more ground breaking then his sales and airplay is his new single “Same Love“. “Same Love” is a song that talks about same sex rights and his support of it as a straight man. Ironically this is a topic that has been all over the news lately with the Supreme Court’s decision to rule “D.O.M.A” Unconstitutional. D.O.M.A the Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as only between a man and a woman. The song has become some what of a theme song for same sex marriage and the fact that it’s a hip-hop music record is unprecedented. It’s safe to say that hip-hop music has always been a little bit homophobic, so with the popularity of this song does this mean times are changing? Who would have ever thought that a song like “Same Love” would get air play in the south, well it is.”Same Love” is the #2 selling rap song on itunes and #7 song overall. The song was recorded and released before the Supreme Court’s ruling, so he did not do the song because of the ruling it was simply a coincidence . What does this mean for hip-hop music? Is the genre going to become more open minded towards the subject?

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