Leeeping Frog Productions (LFP) Presents "It’s Funny, Im Just Saying" (IFIJS) Sketch Comedy Web Series


Leeeping Frog Productions (LFP) Presents New York, NY, January 11, 2013 –(PR.com)– Khemali Murray CEO of LFP created IFIJS after working with Medicine Women Productions (MWP) and the sketch comedy group; American Candy. The mission of LFP is to establish a platform that is a career builder for all artists involved while providing entertainment to audiences everywhere.

Season one of IFIJS spoofs on domestic violence, drunk women, dirty old men, dancing old ladies, people in wheelchairs, Grace Jones and The God Father. “He Went To Gared” Vanessa loves the bling, bling and pretty things, but at what cost. “I’ll Have Another” Have a drink with Joan at the local neighborhood bar she’ll be there. “Package Deal” Freddie Mack may have bitten off more than he can chew with his three and one package deal. “Elders Got Talent” Chloe laid the foundation for the true “Psychos Of Dance.” “Grace Jones Juice.” Get healthy with “Grace Jones Juice” it’s delicious. “The Grandmother” Always respect her and don’t forget to kiss her ring.

Humanity is where all people relate. LFP presents IFIJS a silly, sassy, sexy sketch comedy web series that spoofs on humanity.


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