LA Clippers Have A Chemistry Issue


The LA Clippers had chionship dreams no matter what Paul George is saying. Blowing a 3-1 lead when you are coached by Doc Rivers and have players like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Lou Williams is shocking and for their fans inexcusable. The Clippers used a load management system like what was used in Toronto, but many of those players played together enough to build chemistry. Both George and Leonard just joined the team and clearly based on the results they could have used more time together.

Lou Williams said it best when he said, “We had the talent to do it. We didn’t have the chemistry to do it.” So, who is responsible for building the chemistry: players, coaches or both? I think they both play a role, but playing time is on the coach, in my opinion. I feel like the Clippers thought they could flip the switch, because they were supposed to be good on paper. As they found out, you have to put in the work to win. This team didn’t spend enough time playing together to understand how to play with each other and it showed in crunch time and in win or go home time. They weren’t even close in a game 7…that’s not what potential chions do. Check out Lou Williams talking about the loss.


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