Kansas City Homicide: Two dead in Separate Incidents in Kansas

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    Two people were found dead late Thursday night in Kansas City, according to the Kansas City Police Department. The officers received a disturbance call at around 10.30 p.m. to the 4600 block of East that later was updated to shooting.

    On the crime scene, officers found an unresponsive man in front of a home within the area. According to the reports given by the emergency crew, he was pronounced dead on the scene. The caller told the police that they had heard gunshots.

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    When the caller checked outside, they saw the man down in front of the home. Information regarding the victim hasn’t been released to the public yet. I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening once the information is made public.

    The police also received another call within the same time to the 6100 Block of Tracy Avenue with reports of gunshots. This call was also immediately upgraded to shooting on scene. When the police arrived on site, the victim was lying in front of a residence with a gunshot wound. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the victim didn’t make it. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

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    Investigations on the scene suggest that the shooting started after the victim had an altercation with an unknown suspect. The police department is still carrying on the investigation as to what happened to the two victims. Anyone with information on what happened is urged to call the Kansas City Police Department. So far, the department hasn’t given any public statements. As what happened with the first call, the police are still withholding information on the victim’s identity and whether or not both separate incidents are related. I’ll keep you updated in case of any new statements on the same.


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