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Denver Police Shot on the Neck in a Shoot Out

Image by CBS Colorado

On Thursday, there was a significant police presence in Broomfield’s neighborhood, and the intersection was closed at around 1.38 a.m. The Denver Police Department gave a statement saying that a Denver fugitive was located within the area. The suspect was wanted on a warrant and was pegged as a person of interest in a homicide.

When the suspect was located, he attempted to carjack another vehicle on site but was unsuccessful. After that, the suspect ran, and shots were fired directly at the Denver police. The fugitive was able to shoot an officer in the neck but is now in stable condition, according to the Denver Police Department.

The official Denver Police Department Twitter page tweeted saying there was a shooting on the scene, and the suspect died. The injured police officer was taken to the hospital for treatment. Additionally, there was a woman in the car with the suspect. This incident occurred at the intersection between Midway Boulevard and Sheridan Boulevard after 4 p.m.

Witnesses within the area say they heard 8-gunshots at around 4 p.m. Several roads were closed that linked to Midway and Sheridan Boulevard. There was also a collision during the shot out as the suspect tried to flee the scene. He got out of the car and started running. Moreover, two kids were involved in the accident. According to police reports, the children are okay, just a little shaken.

The intersection remained closed for a few hours, but the events didn’t pose any danger to the community. Aside from the police officer who was injured, the police reported no further casualties. So far, no public statement has been issued concerning the suspect’s identity. The only precise information is that the suspect was male and that the altercation between the police and the fugitive was contained.  

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