Jhani Kaye now PD for both K-Earth and smooth jazz "Wave" KTWV (94.7), He replaces KTVW PD Paul Goldstein


Radio Facts: kayeI once worked with Jhani Kaye when he was at Coast and I worked at the sister Cox Radio Station , the disasterous KACE (a Radio Station I’d like to forget) Jhani was a real class act. Looks like he’s still going strong in LA radio as he succeeds smooth jazz veteran and PD of KTWV Paul Goldstein. Market manager Ed Krampf tells the Orange County Register that the format is not changing – “The Wave is one of the strongest and most popular brands in Southern California.”  Krampf stated on the PD change… “We are always evolving, looking for ways to get a higher audience share.” Jhani Kaye has been programming classic hits K-Earth KRTH (101.1) as it’s been near the top of the monthly Arbitron PPM ratings, and now CBS gives him oversight of smooth jazz “Wave” KTWV.

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